Turning Misery Into Mascara!
Tip #1: Always use waterproof mascara during a breakup! Trish McEvoy makes an excellent waterproof mascara in black and brown. Tip#2: With an eyeliner brush you can use the mascara as a liner that will stay in place no matter what the circumstances!

Our makeover today is Tami. Tami came to me wanting an update and help with her dark circles.

Feeling depressed after breaking up with her boyfriend, she needed the self confidence to get out there again. I immediately sat her down and let her know she was not alone, that she could pick up the pieces and move forward with her life, to find happiness from within and add a little more black waterproof mascara on the top lashes to detract from the dark circles!

You girls with extra darkness can also use the trick I used on Tami: add a little light shimmer into the inside corner of your eye and mix a very little with your concealer to reflect light.

I am happy to report Tami is back on track dating again and enjoying life with her renewed inner happiness!

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