Mark Payne

Behind the scenes or on camera, Mark Payne is an industry expert, makeover spokesperson, as well as a renowned leader in the field of beauty. His work has been seen by millions in music videos, editorial features, advertising campaigns and on virtually every celebrity from Hollywood Royalty to British Royalty. Mark has appeared and worked on countless television shows including Rosie O’Donnell, The View, Fashion Emergency, Live With Regis & Kelly, Ainsley Harriott and One Life To Live.

Mark began his illustrious career at the age of seventeen as a performer working with such luminaries as Bob Hope, Milton Berle and Gloria Estefan. This experience gave Mark the edge needed to work both behind and in front of the camera. Mark’s international appeal resulted in headlining dates in Europe, Australia and the Far East.

Mark first gained media attention as a makeup artist with his collaboration on the book, "Double Take: The Art of the Celebrity Makeover" (Harper Collins.) It was while promoting this book that he transformed Sally Jesse Raphael into Liza Minnelli, launching his career in television makeup. Mark then began working on the Emmy Award-winning One Life To Live redefining beauty in daytime television, gaining him his first Emmy nomination. In 2004 Mark was honored with an Emmy for his work on Regis & Kelly.  Today Mark continues to freelance and is the specialty makeup artist for Live With Regis & Kelly. 

The essence of his individuality lies in his congenial easy manner and effortless clean line makeup. The seduction of his charm and wit, along with his remarkable talent has secured his place in the industry. Mark hopes to be inyourface in months to come.